Annelieke Douma


Not everything that counts can be counted and not everything that can be counted counts.

Albert Einstein

Specialism: water, climate, gender


Annelieke is one of the few engineers at Both ENDS. She studied Technical Administration at the TU Delft and specialized in integrated water management. After completing her study, she worked for the Dutch Water Partnership (NWP). Later she worked in Sweden at the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI), where she helped to formulate organization’s strategy on water. She also conducted research on the water crisis and the effect of this on environmental refugees there.


After one and a half year in Sweden, Annelieke returned to the Netherlands in 2003. For Both ENDS she started to research water markets. Although she was also involved in soy and palm oil issues, water management and climate have always been the main themes in her work. In 2006 Annelieke became coordinator of the water cluster. She was also project leader of the ADAPTS program of Both ENDS and engaged in the Ecosystem Alliance and the Fair Green and Global programmeFrom 2016 onwards she will co-coordinate the Global Alliance for Green and Gender Action (GAGGA), a cooperation between MamaCashFCAM and Both ENDS. 


What Annelieke likes most about working at Both ENDS, is that non-sustainable policy is not only denounced, alternatives are offered at the same time. By putting energy in this, the chance to make a sustainable change will increase. Good examples of this are the Negotiated Approach and ADAPTS, alternative approaches for the management of natural resources that were developed in cooperation with local organizations, and have given abundant proof of their use.


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